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Canada Cooler

The Canada Cooler is a reusable personal evaporative cooling system, which will keep you feeling cool, even in the hottest of temperatures!

You have probably heard that running cool water over your neck or wrists will cool you down but did you also know that there are other "cooling spots" to be found on the human body? The Canada Cooler Neckband provides relief from the heat, when wrapped around the neck, the forehead (close to the temple is best), the wrist, the knee, the elbow, the ankle, the inner thigh, the foot, or for women; in your cleavage. It's great for staying cool while working, travelling, playing, or relaxing in the shade.

Pretty Cool eh?!

Canada Coolers

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The Canada Cooler Neckband from Serendipity Crafts

The Canada Cooler Neckband (approx. - 41"W x 1.5"H )
is made of a polyester/cotton blend, and is filled with non-toxic polymer crystals.

Simply soak the Canada Cooler in clean water for 20-30 minutes and distribute the cooling gel evenly throughout the band and wear. For continuous cooling, rotate the band from time to time, and the cooling effect is rejuvenated immediately!


To clean the Canada Cooler, simply hand wash with mild soap and water. To dehydrate, hang for 5-7 days. Re-use over and over again!

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