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Meet Elizabeth & Hugh of Serendipity Crafts!

Elizabeth and Hugh met in 1978 while attending high school in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They both went onto the same college, to study graphic design.

Elizabeth started making and selling her crafts in 1993. Hugh went on to work in the design industry. In 2001, they serendipitously re-met after 23 years and they formed Serendipity Crafts in the fall of 2002.

Today, Hugh has a creative full time job as a senior graphic designer. Elizabeth hones her "people skills" in her day job, as a Customer Support Coordinator. In the evenings and on weekends they both get crafty! Three times per year, they also participate in local craft show and sales.

The design, introduction and maintenance of this beautiful web site is thanks to Hugh. Hugh also designs 99% of their marketing materials and craft show signage.

Elizabeth does 99% of the painting however, she has been busy teaching Hugh, so that she can take a break every now and then.

Both Elizabeth & Hugh come up with new product ideas, design, paint, craft, wrap, package, tag, promote, market and haul the crafts which they sell together. Their skill set is perfectly complimentary.

It is their "retirement" dream to run Serendipity Crafts from a log home on a lake, and to go into town once or twice a week to ship orders.

They pride themselves on being able to provide you with personal customer service. They love what they do and love being able to craft for you!
It is their aim to produce a unique, quality product and hope that you enjoy it for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about them!


serendipity \sehr-uhn-DIP-uh-tee\,
noun:good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.

We wish you luck in finding your fortunate discovery
within the pages of Serendipity Crafts.

copyright 2004 Serendipity Crafts, Montreal, Canada